Golfer Rightfully Stabs Guy In Group Ahead For Slow Play

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Nice Move


Lee Johnson, 61, just wanted to have a nice round of golf over the weekend with his wife. Instead, the Utah golfer was met with the worst enemy in all of golf: slow play. Johnson and his wife first caught up to the slow playing foursome in front of them early on in their round. The group would not let them play through, probably some youngsters who didn’t want their pride hurt that an old man and woman were playing faster than them.

That’s when the groups started to fight. According to KUTV, it got so bad that clubhouse officials were called and the two groups had to be separated. However, the two groups came face-to-face again on the ninth hole, with Johnson again asking to play through. The foursome rejected and Johnson got physical.

Johnson then pulled a pocket knife and stabbed one person, Wright said. He was wrestled to the ground by the other golfer from the group.

The man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, but will be okay. Johnson was arrested and taken to the Utah County Jail.

Listen, the foursome was in the wrong. If a group is on your ass, you let them play through. That is common courtesy, especially if the group behind you has half the amount of people than your group.

[via KUTV]

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