Google Interns Make A Lot Of Money, Like To Party

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Nice Move

The Google empire is a pretty successful one, and it makes a lot of money. Because of this, the higher-ups have decided to spoil their employees with fat paychecks, generous benefits, and insane office settings. Their California headquarters look more like an amusement park for adults than a place where actual business is conducted. It’s hard to argue against their strategy, though.

Then there’s the case of the Google interns, a group of young, aspiring techies whom I can only assume are among the most promising candidates in their respective fields. After all, it’s Google. Oh, and they get paaaaaid — about $6,000 per month, which, for a college student, is some serious walking-around money. Google also puts them up in some pretty swanky digs nearby, the Crescent Village Apartment Homes, all paid for. Not a bad gig for anyone, intern or otherwise.

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These interns also like to party, and their neighbors are none too pleased.

Daily Intelligencer reported today that Google’s Silicon Valley interns have been causing a ruckus at the Crescent Village apartment complex in San Jose, where possibly 400 of them are living in shared apartments paid for by Google. According to their disgruntled, non-Google intern neighbors, the Google hooligans (Googligans? ugh) have been throwing parties mid-week, taking over the complex’s hot tubs, and “jaywalking.” Jaywalking! Traffic laws mean nothing to youth these days.

Crescent Village building managers responded to complaints by posting flyers reminding tenants to “be considerate of your neighbors” and “keep voices to a minimum.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Partying,” hot tubs, and jaywalking? Hey, watch out for these guys! *jerkoff motion* We’re talking about Ivy League caliber programmers and software engineers here, though. That apartment complex is like Nerd City, USA. For them to party hard enough to attract the attention of Yahoo! News speaks volumes. You fill a standard size hot tub with 20 Stanford students, bust out a few sloppily-rolled spliffs, then toss out a conversation topic like which Star Wars was the best or “the greatest hackers of the 2000s,” and that’s a recipe for the nerdiest rager you’ve ever seen.

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