Groom Gets Caught Slamming the Waitress at His Own Wedding Reception

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Nice Move

Here’s yet another awesome sex story out of Austria today, this one involving a groom who cheated on his new bride AT his own wedding reception. From Elite Daily:

A few hours after the ceremony in Feldkirch, the father of the bride caught his 27 year-old son-in-law with the waitress. The bride’s father stopped the party and told the guests to leave.

The bride wants a divorce, but she has to wait six months before the split in accordance with Austrian law.

First an Austrian politician in the forest and now this. Freakin’ Austrians cannot stop getting caught having sex. No wonder they have a standard fine for people who publish sex tapes without permission of the people in the videos. You can’t round a corner in that country without tripping over two Austrians boning.

Also, it’s one thing to cheat. It’s another thing to cheat on the person you’re married to. But it’s a whole other beast to cheat when A) You are 100% guaranteed sex that night, and maybe already had it earlier that day, and B) You could have probably just as easily taken the bride into the coatroom and done it with her. For the love of God, get your dick under control man.

Here’s hoping it was a small ceremony.


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