Groom’s Cake Features Nick Saban Riding Elephant And Holding Crystal Football, Gator Bride Adds Her Own Hidden Touch

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Nice Move

If this was to scale, The Nicktator would be about ten feet tall in real life — an apt depiction of Nick Saban in the state of Alabama. Of course it could be a baby elephant, in which case it would be closer to an actual representation of his size. Look at the tusks, though. Those are man tusks. This is a grown ass elephant, and Saban is riding him near bareback while holding a crystal football high over his head.

I can’t hate on it. This is a great groom’s cake.


The Alabama fan also has great taste in women, as he chose one with a sense of humor. His bride, a University of Florida graduate, called the bakery without his knowledge and added her own little Florida Gator touch to it.


That’s an “open bar wedding” couple if I’ve ever seen one.


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