Guy Hides In Girl’s Closet After Her Boyfriend Comes Home, Live-Tweets The Whole Damn Thing

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Nice Move

One of my worst nightmares is to start sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend and that information is unbeknownst to me. Guys get pissed when they find their woman playing the no pants dance with another man, especially when it’s happening at her place. That’s how jealous murders happen.

One man, who goes by the name of “brad pitt adopted me” on Twitter (great name, btw), knows exactly what this feeling is like. Earlier this week while he was over at his girl’s house, her actual boyfriend came home so homie had to hide out for a while in her closet. He even documented the whole thing on Twitter.

Glad to see our boy “brad pitt adopted me” make it out alive and unharmed. Even got himself a nice meal and a good drink. Props to the girl for giving him a Capri Sun. That shit is delicious.


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