Guy Invites Girls To His Bed Over Class ListServ After Professor Cancels Class

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Nice Move

On Monday night, a Wisconsin professor wanted to reward his class for being ahead of schedule, so he decided to cancel his class the next morning, with one kicker: sleeping in was mandatory. One student, John Dunn, decided that no one should be left without a bed. So when he got this notice, he fired off an email extending an invitation to his fellow female classmates offering them his bed.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.22.30 PM

What a gentleman. He realized the severity of the situation and was just trying to offer up his bed to the ladies in need. If that’s not philanthropic, I don’t know what is. He didn’t want them to get punished for missing the mandatory sleep-in. Real stand-up guy, this John character is.

It was all fun and games until some uptight professor got his panties in a wad over what anyone with a first grade education could identify as a joke. Aaron Granat decided that this lewd behavior wouldn’t stand in his class. No surprise here, given that he’s a film teacher.

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Get a grip, teach. John was just trying to have some fun and maybe get a little lucky.


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