Guy Posts Love-Stained Mila Kunis Yearbook Photo on Internet

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Nice Move

There’s always that one person from your high school who, in ten years, will turn out to have become incredibly attractive. Years down the line, you’ll always remember that nerdy, shy, or quiet girl in high school that’s now a bombshell. For some poor soul, this person happened to be Mila Kunis.

On an internet car forum, the popular topic of Mila Kunis and how these creepy men would “tap that” arose. One poster, verifying that he would indeed “tap that,” claimed he knew Kunis in high school, and went as far as posting a scanned image of his yearbook to the forum.

Okay, so this man has proof. He went as far as claiming that he didn’t think she was so attractive in high school, but did ask her out one time. As other commenters marveled at the thought of a young, illegal Mila Kunis, a few people noticed something wrong with the picture. Top left corner, there appeared to be some sort of smudge. As it was analyzed, it was decided that this was indeed fapping material for the original poster, proved by the love stains made on the photo.



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    The thing is she was already famous when she graduated from high school… She started on That 70’s show when she was 15. So it’s not like she was some rando who no one paid attention to in school.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago

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