Guy Sends A Dick Pic With His Job Application, Surprisingly Still Unemployed

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Nice Move

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When filling out a job application, it’s worthwhile to consider going through a checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

“Résumé? Check.”

“Cover Letter? Check.”

“No spelling or grammatical errors? Check.”

“Dick pic? CHECK!”

Obviously, that last one shouldn’t be on your checklist. Sending potential employers a photo of your meat and potatoes is likely going to put you at the end of the potential candidates line.

Apparently, one Dallas area man never got the memo that it probably isn’t the best idea to send a dick pic along with your résumé when submitting an application, especially to a place that’s designed to help people who are unemployed or trying to find jobs better suited for them.

The guy who sent in his dick pic ended up getting a Class C misdemeanor for “obscene display or distribution.” I’m sure it’s really hard to imagine why this guy is still unemployed. Remember kids, sending a dick pic to somebody you don’t know is always a bad idea.

[via Dallas Observer]


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