Guy Simply Named “Karl” Is Using The App Named Unseen To Become The Heisenberg Of Underage Drinking

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Nice Move

There’s a new overlord in the Texas underage drinking game, and he’s some honors engineering student from A&M who may or may not be named Karl. He started supplying booze to minors in College Station, but has since expanded his business to Texas State in San Marcos and UT-Austin in just weeks. Who knows, this entrepreneur could have a stranglehold on the juvenile drinking scene in the southwest region by the end of the month at this rate.

So who is this kid, and just how is he getting away with his life of crime? He’s apparently using some app called Unseen, which allows users to anonymously share photos. The ability to trace back to any one individual is virtually impossible, much to the chagrin of police, because all personal messages are heavily encrypted and they disappear. He started by spreading a code around the universities by word of mouth and posting pictures to Unseen of a TI-84 Plus calculator with coordinates of where he’ll open up shop.


Karl, you devious son of a gun.

Now that his name is out there, he’s moved to only using direct messaging, which, again, is apparently air-tight for deals.

Not much is known about who exactly this Karl is, though one of his customers attempted to artistically sketch the man he met and posted it to Unseen.


He looks like a real winner, and he must be pulling in bank with such a fine Japanese vehicle. You just have to respect the kid’s hustle.

[via Unseen]


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