Guy Sings Lil Jon’s Get Low in Unsuspecting Coffee Shop

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Nice Move

At first glance, it appears to be the classic coffee-shop-acoustic-guitar-strum-cheesy-song session, complete with laptop guy, his nerdy kid, the long-bearded coffee aficionado, headphones guy, and a slew of jobless, underground scene-dwelling hipsters – just a standard day in any big city coffee shop. It’s not, though. It’s fucking fantastic.

When the line “’til sweat drops down my balls, all these bitches crawl…oh skeet skeet, motherfucker…oh skeet skeet, god damn” hits the unsuspecting patrons with a smooth, sultry, sexy tone, it was fucking on.


Dude murdered it.

[H/T to J Parks for telling me this song was by Lil Jon, and not the Ying Yang Twins as I first posted…huge Lil Jon fan that guy]



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