GVSU Students Held A Rally To Have The Miley “Wrecking Ball” Reinstalled

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Nice Move

Surely you read the viral story about the students of Grand Valley State University treating a gigantic pendulum on campus like Miley treats her wrecking ball — riding it in the nude and on camera. University officials were having none of that, citing safety measures as the reason for the artistic pendulum’s removal.

GVSU students aren’t going down without a fight, however. They want that ball back. They want to strip down and swing on it. It’s what they do. Let them swing.

They held a rally on Tuesday night where the ball once hung, and where they once swung.

I don’t know much about this kid in the middle of the circle here with a dorm room boom box and dancing like the whitest person on earth, but if I’m heading up a committee to get this wrecking ball reinstalled, he’s not allowed to any of my meetings.

[via NY Daily News]



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