Hammered Underage Kid Accidentally Breaks Into Home Of Mayor Cracking Down On Underage Drinking

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Nice Move

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We’ve all been there. You go a little too hard in the paint, which results in you stumbling around going through the motions with the lights still on but no one home. Some half-baked idea forms and your primal nature takes over to accomplish the objective. Whether it’s venturing off to Del Taco for a Double Del, or scaling the math and science building to “prove a point,” your entire focus goes into accomplishing this feat. The folks at Georgia Southern are no different.

From The Statesboro Herald:

When a reportedly drunken, underage bar bouncer went looking for the breaker box in a Benson Drive home Feb. 6, he didn’t realize he was in the wrong house — the mayor’s house.

Just after 1 a.m. Feb. 6, Justin Dakota Gordon, 19, Gordon Circle, walked into Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore’s house, thinking it was his friend’s house on South Edgewood Drive, and startled Moore and her husband, Bill Moore, by entering their bedroom while talking on a cell phone, according to Statesboro police reports.

He then rambled around their bedroom closet, telling Bill Moore he was looking for the breaker box, reports stated.

The mayor called police while Gordon left the house through the back door. Responding officers found him “hugging a tree” in the back yard.

Gordon, who told police he was a bouncer at Shenanigan’s bar, was “very intoxicated and not able to support himself,” Statesboro police officer Patrick Webb wrote in reports.

If I’m the cop here, I’d just take the poor kid home. You know he’s already having a rough night if he’s holding onto a tree for dear life to support himself.

Ironically, Mayor Jan Moore has recently been trying to crack down on the underage drinking “problem” at Southern. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that an inebriated giant breaking into her home and mumbling, “Where’s the damn breaker box?” won’t change her stance on the issue.

[via The Statesboro Herald]


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