Hank Jr. Loves America, Hates Obama

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Nice Move

Hank Williams Jr. is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Obama. In October of 2011 Monday Night Football dropped his iconic opening song after Williams made statements comparing Obama to Hitler, which of course is always a mistake, unless you’re comparing mustaches or genocide efficiency. With the 2012 election in sight, Williams is at it again.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Williams stated Obama “is the worst.” When asked why, he replied “It’s kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America. He did that…You know, ‘We’re sorry.’ Going on a world tour saying, ‘We’re going to be even with everyone else, we only have 6 percent of the population.”

Hank Jr. is a true patriot, as he proves yet again with his new album “Old School New Rules.” The album is full of patriotic songs, including “We Don’t Apologize for America,” and “Taking Back the Country.” The whole album is filled with passionate, red, white and blue themed words and a strong message that lets everyone know that this nation kicks ass.

Regardless of one’s political affiliations or beliefs, everyone should stand up for the greatest country in the world and speak out for the changes they believe in. While comparing the president to Hitler, be it Obama or Bush or even a hypothetical future president named Mike Hitler, is ridiculous, Hank Williams Jr. is a real First Amendment loving American.



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  1. -2
    Saul Goodman

    He loves America, which is great… but he makes conservatives look worse than Rush Limbaugh and Ed Schultz make their respective parties look.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
    • 2

      No you’re just an elitist pig whose afraid to speak his mind out of fear of looking bad. I proudly support Rush and Hank Jr. You sir are a sissy and a WWII vet should kick your ass.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
  2. -6
    Pee where she poops

    In all seriousness Hank Jr. sucks. He rides off his father’s name and “Family Tradition,” and quite frankly I don’t give a damn what his political opinion is.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
    • -2

      South has all the jobs and best economy. Oh may I remind you 3.4 million New Yorkers left NYC to move to the south. Unemployment and liberal elitist like yourself are both beccoming of you.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
    • -5
      Tallapoosa Snu

      You’re a Red Sox fan, so I’m assuming you smell worse, eat worse, and roll around in your own shit too. The pot is calling the kettle black on this one, Bro.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
    • -5
      Boston BroSox

      You might want to check your numbers. I don’t think half of NYC has moved. But then again, you are from the south, where I heard they don’t even teach simple math in schools.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago