Harlem Shake: College Edition

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Nice Move

Phi Delta Theta – Allegheny College

Where did this phenomenon come from? I’d never heard of the Harlem Shake before this morning, but after going through emails and user submissions, it’s become apparent I’ve been missing out on the latest YouTube craze. There’s even a college edition.

After I found the first video, I immediately flagged it for Fail Friday, because it was so bizarre. That was before I knew what kind of momentum the Shake had. We’ve discovered too many of them to drop into our weekly Fail Friday column, and I gotta say, after looking through these videos a few times I’ve come to realize that some of them are really hilarious.

Here is your Harlem Shake: College Edition

Lambda Chi Alpha – University of Tennessee

Sigma Chi – University Unknown

Valdosta State Lecture Hall (You’ll want to pay attention to the bottom right)


University of Georgia Lecture Hall

Oregon State Lecture Hall

Theta Chi – FSU

Sigma Chi – University of British Columbia

Unknown Dormitory

Sigma Alpha Mu – University Unknown

Pi Kappa Phi – West Virginia University

Rowan University

Villanova Golf Team

And at over 3.5 million YouTube views, the video that started it all:



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