Harvard Students Used To Be Pretty Big Fans Of Hitler, Even Started A Student Group In His Honor

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Nice Move

The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s student newspaper, has a weekly feature on its website highlighting interesting Crimson stories throughout its history. Today they had an exceptionally interesting one from 1934.

Chancellor Adolph Hitler has refused to authorize the use of his name to a group of his disciples at Harvard, it was revealed yesterday. About three weeks ago a group of students who have grown to admire the Nazi leader decided to establish a club for the purpose of studying the dictator’s policies. A letter was sent to the Chancellor asking for permission to use the name “Hitler Haven.”

Charles E. Schwer ’37, leader of the group, received a letter yesterday from Baron von Tippelskirch, German Consul General in Boston, saying that Chancellor Hitler had asked him to inform the students that it was against his policy to authorize the use of his name for organizations of any kind.

You would, Harvard. You think you can just do whatever you want because you’re all smart and elite? Well you can’t! Charles Lindbergh barely got away with being a Nazi sympathizer, and he conquered the fucking sky. This probably would have turned into a Che Guevara thing if Hitler hadn’t, you know, murdered 12 million people in a genocide and tried to rape the free world.

Also, a few things jump out about this story.

1) I believe “Hitler Haven” is currently a Neo-Nazi B&B tucked away in the south Appalachian foothills.

2) Good thing Charles Schwer graduated in 1937, because those meetings probably started to get real awkward shortly after.

3) According to Ancestry.com, Schwer is at least in some instances a Jewish name. Awkward.

4) Baron von Tippelskirch sounds 100% made up. Apparently the Third Reich was being run by German cartoon characters.

I wonder if any of Hitler Haven’s members got upset and complained to the Harvard dean about their rejection. If so it probably looked something like this:

Well done Harvard.

[via The Harvard Crimson]

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  1. 1
    Plan B is Plan A

    Lindbergh wasn’t a nazi sympathizer. I’m tired of this fucking myth. He was just a committed isolationist who saw no point in America getting entangled in wars between European powers and actively campaigned against US involvement in the early part of WWII. Once Japan attacked us and we officially went to war he fully supported the war effort. He even tried to re-enlist in the Army Air Force but Roosevelt personally overruled for political reasons so he spent most of the war as an aeronautical consultant to defense contractors. The guy was a patriot. Fuck you.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
  2. -2
    Bronan the Barbarian

    Tippelskirch translates to Tippel’s Church. It’s probably a vague reference to the good possibility that his family line came from priests/pastors. Old german surnames almost always had to do with profession.

    But yes, it sounds cartoonishly villainous.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago