The Harvard-Yale Rivalry Is So Hot That Students Were Stripping Naked In The Stadium

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Nice Move

The annual Harvard vs. Yale football matchup, known simply as “The Game,” is an intense rivalry. Not because the teams are any good (though, little known fact, Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard), but because the students at the respective schools hate each other so goddamn much. It’s the battle of the angry nerds every year, and today’s matchup was no different as Yale students mooned their rivals mid-game.

NOT SAFE FOR WOR… Oh wait, it’s the weekend. Here are the asses.

I assume the act was meant as an insulting moon, but can’t be certain that was the case. Maybe they just wanted to be naked. Maybe they were on acid. No clue. Regardless, it was the most Harvard-Yale thing ever.

Boola Boola, bitches!

Image via Twitter/Jimmy Golen


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