Having Sex With More Than 20 Women Can Help Prevent Cancer, Says Science

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The University of Montreal just published a study in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology linking the amount of sexual partners a guy has had and that number’s correlation to prostate cancer. This research, conducted between 2005 and 2009 and involving more than 3,200 men, found dudes who have slept with more than 20 women in their lifetime are 28 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer and saw a 19 percent reduction to their risk of aggressive types of cancer overall. On the other end of the spectrum, guys who had never put their D in a V are twice as likely to develop Lance Armstrong cancer.

Riddle me shocked that virgins are twice as likely to develop the cancer, as they get more action than anyone with ol’ reliable Jill.

Previous studies have shown that frequent ejaculation lowered the risk of prostate cancer, but this was the first study to link the impact of a guy’s number and the well-being of his sack. The lead researcher, Dr. Marie-Elise Parent, believes guys who have the game to pull more than 20 women are more sexually active in their lifetime than even those in a monogamous relationship.

That’s clearly not true in college, as any new couple fucks like rabbits. However, Dr. Parent is talking about the long-haul: when you’re ten years into a passionless relationship and the thought of sleep is much more appealing than a seven minute half-assed attempt at intimacy.

Sure, it’s only one study, but now we have even more of an excuse to be complete sexual deviants. We’re not being a manwhore or fearing commitment–we simply are just looking out for our long-term health.

[via The Telegraph]

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