Head On A Swivel In San Marcos, There’s A Bull Roaming Campus Looking To Gore Everyone In Sight

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Nice Move

Let’s have a live look at the Texas State quad right now:

It’s a terrible, bloody scene in San Marcos as a bull has somehow gotten out and made his way to the Texas State campus where he’s goring every living thing in his sights to DEATH. Heads on a swivel, people!

Look at the anger in his eyes. And that “I’m about to kill some motherfuckers” power stance. What a finely-tuned killing machine. Impressive animal, really. Makes you want to take him home, if not for his unrelenting thirst for human blood.

It’s unclear at this point where the bull came from, how he escaped whichever enclosure he was in, or how he made his way to Bobcat Country, but I am sure of one thing: He’s there to gore as many Texas State students to death and fill the streets with as much human blood and guts as possible.

P.S. I don’t believe there’s much to worry about here. Just stay inside. I’m sure he’ll be captured soon.


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