Heavier College Football Teams Are Better, Per Math

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Paul Myerberg of USA Today got his calculator out, pulled up college football rosters, and figured out the average weights of teams across the country (in the FBS). What did he find? Bigger is better.

The three heaviest college football teams in the country are Stanford (an average of 238.3 pounds per player), Ohio State (236.56 pounds), and Alabama (236.48 pounds). The other thing these teams have in common is they’re all pretty damn good — each team has played, or will play, in a BCS bowl game this season.

Some other figures to consider:

1. Each of the top nine teams by weight reached a bowl game this season.

2. The SEC, widely thought to be the premier college football conference, is the heaviest conference, as a whole, in the country.

Players in the SEC weigh an average of 231.07 pounds, slightly ahead of the Big Ten (230.89), ACC (230.24), Pac-12 (228.54) and Big 12 (227.46).

3. The 10 heaviest players in the country all play offense.

This group is led by Tulane’s Jason Stewart, who is tips the scales at 395 pounds. The rest: Alabama’s Brandon Hill (385 pounds), Baylor’s LaQuan McGowan (385), Louisiana-Lafayette’s Sherard Johnson (380), Arizona State’s Mo Latu (380), Northern Illinois’ Ron Brown (377), North Texas’ Shawn McKinney (365), Florida’s Trenton Brown (361), Idaho’s Larry Dugan (360) and Houston’s Ja’Braylin Thomas (358). The heaviest defender is Louisiana Tech defensive tackle Justin Ellis (357 pounds).

4. The average college football player weighs 228.29 pounds, about 30 pounds heavier than the average American man.

[via USA Today]

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