Heavyweight Boxer Challenges Internet Troll To Fight, Pounds His Face In

Deontay Wilder, the 6' 6" reigning WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight, invited an internet bully/troll to fight him. After putting up with the troll, Charlie Zelenoff, who has been calling him the N-word and threatening his life for three years, Wilder had finally had enough. He decided it was time to teach him a lesson.

From TMZ:
"He said he was going to murder me. He said he was going to tape my daughter's mouth ... when dealing with my kids, that's below the belt. That's what really got me." Wilder says he finally got fed up with the constant harassment and told Zelenoff to meet him at the Hollywood Boxing Gym on May 7 to settle their beef once and for all.
Justice served, but why the hell would this guy accept the invitation?

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Nice Move


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