Here Are The American Colleges With The Most On-Campus Drug And Alcohol Arrests

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Nice Move

The website compiled a ton of great data regarding on-campus arrests among colleges in the U.S. And Business Insider did an awesome job of sifting through all of the data and organizing the meat of it. I took the elementary route of finding the pictorials and infographs and uploading them here.

First, let’s look at all you dopers and pill-poppers:


You’ve got to think the high number of drug-related arrests at CU-Boulder will quickly decline now that pot is legal in the state of Colorado.

Now let’s take a look at you booze hounds:


Where you at, southerners? Do you guys even drink down there anymore?

And for the schools that overlap in the above statistics, combining on-campus drug and alcohol arrests:


Wisky, aptly-nicknamed, is coming in HOT.

[via Business Insider,]

Dillon Cheverere

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      Tallapoosa Snu

      Exactly. There’s not enough space to put everybody in jail here, as much as they’d like to. Also, the mob makes it easy to run. This is just a “getting caught” infographic.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 1 year ago
  1. 19

    SUNY Oswego has the must drug arrests because they have 8 RAs on every floor in the dorms. That, and the students tend to casually spark up with their doors open.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 1 year ago

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