Here Are The States With The Most Potheads

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Weed legalization (and mainstream support for weed legalization) has been steadily rising over the years. And obviously, everyone and their grandma has probably smoked at least once.

24/7 Wall Street reviewed the percentage of people hitting the devil’s lettuce in the past year in every state in the US of A from the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration.

Here is what their data found:

12. California

11. Michigan

10. New Mexico

9. New Hampshire

8. Massachusetts

7. Rhode Island

6. Maine

5. Washington

4. Alaska

3. Vermont

2. Oregon

1. Colorado

Some of these are obvious (Colorado, Oregon, and California), some are shocking (Alaska?!), and some are there because they’re boring-ass states where there’s nothing else fun to do (New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Maine. Seriously, what the fuck is there to do in MAINE?!)

So for the hardworking potheads in those states, we salute you. If your state isn’t on that list, STEP YOUR GAME UP.

[via 24/7 Wall Street]

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