Here’s A Video Of A Jaguar Killing A Croc, Because Hell Yeah

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Nice Move

Nature is full of some pretty impressive moments. Most of them, sadly, have not been captured on film. That I have to rely on Steven Spielberg for all my velociraptor mauling viewings is a tragedy I will never get over. All we need is a time machine and a camera. C’mon science! You’re halfway there, dammit! While we may never get to see two T-Rexes fighting over which one gets to bang the third T-Rex (and then see that too), or know for certain if a longhorn was once cornered by a pair of wolves and escaped by impaling one on each horn, we should be thankful when some shitty American tourist chooses to pull out their cellphone and watch the majesty of nature through a 4 inch screen, so that the rest of us can benefit. The latest version of that is this video, featuring a jaguar swimming through a body of water to murder a crocodile. Talk about an impressive road victory.

If evolution holds true and only strong jaguars like that one survive down through the generations, our future offspring will one day be bowing to their feline overlords. Better ramp up deforestation just in case.


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