Here’s An ISIS Fighter Crying Like A Toddler After Being Captured By Kurdish Soldiers

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Nice Move

I am not one to take pleasure in the misery of others. “Others,” of course, meaning reasonable, friendly people. But ISIS, yeah, they don’t qualify as “others.” Those bastards don’t garner any sympathy from me. Not that they want any — I know that’s not the case. But theoretically, if they were to ask… You get it.

I almost felt guilty in the glee I felt when I first came across this video. To see a member of what is often sold as one of the most barbaric groups in the world broken down and whimpering like an abandoned dog, I felt something. I felt a bit of warmth within my soul. It felt good.

Now, I have no idea what happened to this loon after the camera was shut off. I’m sure the Kurds followed the prisoner of war protocol as it is stated in the Geneva Convention (HA). But I honestly don’t care. They may do as they like. They’re the ones out there taking bullets up the ass to eliminate these fools from their earthly existence. I’ve already gotten my fun out of it. Any more joy would just be greedy at this point, and God tells us to share.

If anything, he should probably be thankful that he is tied up in the back of a Kurdish military vehicle rather than set up between the crosshairs of a French jet. He may get to see the sun rise a few more days. Or not, but who’s counting?

Image via LiveLeak


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