Here’s John Daly Singing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” Days After Almost Dying

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Nice Move

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The John Daly power moves train just keeps on chugging along, even though John Daly himself almost stopped chugging along (and beer) only a few short days ago.

Here’s Big John in all his glory, belting out — beautifully, might I add — the lyrics to “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.”

He’s actually pretty damn good, which makes sense, because when a song really means something to you, it’s much easier to sing. Comes right from the soul. That’s why my boy Bootystank Joe won a karaoke contest in Finland last year by singing “Mambo No. 5.” He has hooked up with at least one girl who goes by each of the names listed in the Lou Bega classic. True story, mostly.

Sing your heart out, John. Not literally, though.

[via Win McMurry]

Image via Win McMurry


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