Here’s The Alcohol Prescription Winston Churchill’s Doctor Gave Him To Bypass Prohibition

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Nice Move

Here's The Alcohol Prescription Winston Churchill's Doctor Gave Him To Bypass Prohibition

Prohibition was a tough time for Americans. After some people got on their high horse and made it illegal to sell, produce, transport, or import alcoholic beverages, the good people of this country were left to suffer. To put it bluntly, that time was shit. No longer could you drink away the long day at work or the nagging woman back home.

While it had an effect on all Americans, it also had a massive effect on the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill when he made a trip to the United States during that time. See, Churchill liked to get his drink on and couldn’t go a few days, or even one day for that matter, without alcohol. So, he had his doctor write him an alcohol prescription for his trip.


Absolute genius move here. “Sorry, I need to have a few brews. Doctor’s orders.” That’s the ultimate prohibition trump card. You’d be putting his life in danger by not supplying the man of his booze.

Sneaky great move to list the quantity as infinite with a minimum of 250 cubic centimeters a day — which comes out to around roughly five shots a day.

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