Hilariously Pathetic Timberwolves Fan Has Already Completely Given Up On 2014 NBA Season

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Nice Move

As a suffering sports fan (Longhorns, Panthers, Bobcats/Hornets) I can sympathize with fans who recognize that winning a championship in the near future is not practical.

However, giving up hope on your NBA team’s season in October is brutally depressing:


Considering your team has some exciting young talent, I’d at least go to one game before throwing in the towel.

This poor Timberwolves fan could’ve just faked this photo and then grabbed the ticket and headed over to the Target Center, but sports does weird things to people. I once sold three Texas football lower bowl tickets for a $5 bill to opposing fans as a way to get back at Mack Brown. If your team doesn’t suck, enjoy it–that gleeful feeling is eventually going to get crushed and give way to disappointment.

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