Hoodie-Clad Nerd Gets Violently Speared Into Oblivion, Beer Explodes Everywhere

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Nice Move

Here, we have the classic case of “My oblivious buddy is standing there drinking a beer, I should absolutely wreck his life.” What’s more, is that this occurred in Carrickmacross, Monaghan, Ireland, so you know that these guys have been holding a steady, angry, Irish buzz since last Wednesday. This poor bastard is just trying to enjoy the great Irish outdoors and put away a few Steveweisers, when suddenly he gets Goldberg’d into oblivion.

That is some serious bro-on-bro carnage, right there. The beer splatters everywhere and cascades around them like the tears of Bacchus. It looks like this could be at a tailgate, some sort of concert or other public drinking event. That’s what you get when you wear a zip-up hoodie in public. You kind of have it coming. It pains me to see anyone who’s trying to tie one on get blown up like this, regardless of attire. This guy is probably spending the rest of his life shitting into a bag. Bad form.

Where’s Jim Ross when you need him?


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