Hot Redhead Shoots Awesome Gun Ad

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Nice Move

They say to make someone like you, avoid topics like religion and politics upon meeting them. Naturally, I’m going to start out by expressing my political views. I normally say I’m socially liberal, and fiscally conservative, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. My social views are more along the lines of “Let people do what they want to do, so long as they’re not harming anyone else: free will and shit.” So, gay marriage? Go for it. You need birth control? Pop that shit by the dozen, for all I care. You don’t want to recycle? I can’t make you. You’d feel safer with a gun in your home? Buy a gun. You see? Do what you want to do. Just don’t hurt people.

I clicked on a headline this morning that indicated to me that Glock’s new pro-gun commercial was not only hilarious, but would offend a liberal, and I was all… “Funny and GUNNY?! This is RIGHT up our readers’ alley!” I watched it, waiting to “laugh out loud” as the ad promised. No such laughter came. The girl in the ad, however, was a hot girl with a gun, so I figured that was the next best thing. You’re welcome.

[via Conservative Post]

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