House Has Most Realistic Halloween Decoration Ever, Just Kidding It’s A Real Life Headless Human Corpse

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From Daily Mail:

A headless body has been discovered underneath four feet of garbage inside an Ohio hoarder’s home.

Police said the body, which was removed from the Chillicothe house on Monday, was so badly decomposed they could not even determine a gender.

Authorities believe the head was removed after the person had already died and said entire skeletal remains were found.

The identity will be released after the autopsy is completed.

Alright, full disclosure here: I 100% chose to cover this story just so I could come at you with this headline. It’s my Sistine Chapel (and I’ve had a headline memed before). The kind of person not clicking that headline is the kind of person I don’t need in my life.

A headless, decomposing corpse was discovered on Halloween morning. It’s poetry. It turns out the house was some kind of crack den that was home to a hoarding druggie who I guess was too out of his or mind to remember their decomposing, headless friend hiding under and mountain of garbage. Yikes. That’s some scary stuff.

A neighbor became suspicious when people started looting the home. They called the cops. Boom. Headless Halloween corpse.

No word yet on if the person is going to pull through or not.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via Instagram/ @postgradproblems


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