Houston Astros Fan Goes Full Randy Marsh, Yells “F*** The Rangers!” While Being Ejected

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Nice Move

The Houston Astros have had a solid season — if you don’t count any of their games against the in-state rival Texas Rangers. On Tuesday night, the Astros dropped to 3-15 versus the Rangers on the season, again losing a one run game, just like they did on Monday, in the midst of an all-important stretch for Wild Card eligibility.

If you took away the games the Astros and Rangers have played against each other, the Astros would have the better record, but that’s not a thing you can do, so they’re 11.5 games back. That’s how dominant the Rangers have been against the ‘stros. Fucking brutal.

On Tuesday night, one hero fan reached his breaking point.

If police are leading you out of the stadium by your shirt and your enormous man gut is hanging out while you’re cursing the opposing team vehemently, you’re a true diehard. On top of that, it appears our hero is wearing baseball pants, which is how you know he came to play (I’m being told in the comments section that they are, in fact, track pants, but still). To him it’s more than just a game — baseball is life, and the Rangers are ruining it. I, for one, hope he gets a good night’s sleep in the slammer.


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