How About This Cute Blonde Who Ran Across The 10th Green At The Masters And Landed In Masters Jail?

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Nice Move

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Here’s the tip we received from a reader:

So I went to the Masters Friday. Always great. Told my girlfriend don’t act like a drunk ass or they’ll kick you out for life and take the badges. Well it turns out her friend did it on Saturday by running across the 10th green. Went to Masters jail (an office) and everything. What a doofus.

Major doofus. In her defense, golf etiquette isn’t common knowledge in all circles, especially among the fairer sex. She simply wanted to get from point A to point B, and that straight line just happened to run across the 10th green of Augusta National–perhaps some of the most sacred real estate in all of sports. She went for it, for better or worse.

She clearly wasn’t aware that the surface she was so nonchalantly trotting across has seen some of the most historic moments in PGA Tour history, or that patrons are only to walk in designated areas, or that, under no circumstance, is anyone not playing or caddying allowed to walk on a green during a golf tournament, or that IT’S THE MASTERS.

At least she took off her shoes.

All images via (Andrew Davis Tucker/Staff):

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Busted. To Masters jail you go.

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Big ups for the resting bitch face.

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Aaaaaaand the water works. Not gonna work this time, babe.

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I honestly feel for her a little bit. No harm done, but this is embarrassing.





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