How About This Guy Predicting The Cubs Win The 2016 World Series With His 1993 Senior Quote?

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Nice Move

So this dude Michael Lee from the 1993 graduating class of Mission Viejo High School predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series. They haven’t won it yet, obviously, but you’ve got to feel good about their chances.

P.S. Typical hot girl mentality here — not spending two minutes to give a senior quote because she’s too cool for school and doesn’t have time for that shit. Jodi’s got classes to skip and heaters to burn and QB1 D to take.


P.P.S. Josh Kurtz has done serious jail time, right? Can someone look this up for me? Nothing white collar, either. Like he’s had people tied up in his basement before. Just a really dark senior quote from Josh.



This guy’s plowing Jodi, right?


I hate to pull against Michael Lee and the Cubs, but I have to dance with the date who brought me. Go Tribe.

[via Twitter/ @tommydale33]


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