Infograph: How College Football Fans Dress by Region

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Nice Move

When I saw this infograph detailing the regional attire trends of American college football tailgaters, I immediately thought of you guys and all the fashionista-driven shit you sling at each other. If nothing else, this will provide you assholes some more ammo to use, but I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s really well done.

The infograph is done by T.K. Roosevelt. Now, I have a qualm or two with the getup of the South Region fella, but by and large, I think he does a pretty good job.

Every year, fans across the nation gather for the finest tailgating in the country. NCAA® Football Fans across America have traits and styles that are specific to the regions where their schools are located. Some styles have become tradition and some, for better or worse, will pass within a year or two.

Using the latest data available on the internet and fan submissions from, we’ve teamed up with Wheat Thins to launch the Bold Tailgate Awards. Our NCAA® Football Fan analysts have dissected each region’s style to give you a detailed look at college football trends across America.



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