How Much Does The Devil In The Bible Look Like Barry Obama?

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Nice Move

The only thing I know about this TV show is that you people will not stop blowing up my Twitter feed about it, so it must be doing something right. Is it good? Worth watching? Actually, don’t tell me because I still won’t care about it. I don’t like the cut of the show’s jib. Not my style.

Apparently, though, Satan made an appearance on Sunday night’s episode of The Bible, and much to the chagrin/elation/indifference of the American viewer, depending on how strongly they feel about our president one way or the other, the devil resembled Barack Obama.

Sunday evening’s episode of the History Channel’s hit series ‘The Bible’ threw up an awkward coincidence when viewers noticed that Satan bore a remarkable resemblance to President Obama.

Twitter exploded into life during the airing of the latest edition of the Mark Burnett-produced series with most noting the striking similarities between the 44th President and the devil played by actor Mehdi Ouzaani.

Dang, he really does. Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

[via Daily Mail]



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