If Donald Trump Tweeted About Game Of Thrones

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Governments are complicated. They get even more complicated when they’re also fictional. Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm, and for the next year fans around the world will sit and wait for the next tantalizing bit of plot. But the long break can be useful too. This is the time when fans convert others to join the ranks and convince them to binge every available season to get hyped for the next. One person I would love to see live tweet Game of Thrones, who also happens to be at the core of America’s political system, is Donald Trump. What would his reactions have been to Jon’s fate, Cersei’s plots, or Battle of the Bastards? How would he make Westeros great again?

What do you think Trump would say about earlier seasons? The Red Wedding, Purple Wedding, Sansa’s wedding night? Hit up @SerTrump.

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