Illinois Man Busted For Cooking Meth, Wears Breaking Bad T-Shirt In Mugshot

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Nice Move

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Though he doesn’t have the charm or good looks of Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad,” 21-year-old Daniel Kowalski, Cook County’s feeble-minded Heisenberg, did his best impersonation of the fictional character when he was arrested for cooking meth inside his house Monday afternoon.

In an attempt to create the greatest mugshot of all time, Kowalski wore a “Los Pollos Hermanos” T-shirt while getting booked at the local precinct in LaGrange, Ill. The irony will suffocate those of you who religiously watched the AMC hit TV show.

Kowalski was actually under electronic surveillance for previous meth cooking attempts at the time of his arrest. He obviously lacked the grace and inconspicuousness necessary for surviving in the meth cooking game, two traits that never caused any problems for Walter White.

There is no word on the purity of Kowalski’s product, but if his shirt is any indication, you’d have to assume it’s at 96 percent or higher.

[via Chicago Tribune]


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