Incoming Georgia Coach Kirby Smart Is Qualified To Lead The Bulldogs Because He Was Once The Smartest Guy In SAE

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Even though it won’t be made official until after the SEC Championship Game, it’s been reported by multiple sources that Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart will be named the head coach at the University of Georgia, filling the void left by Mark Richt’s firing. Smart, along with being a defensive back at Georgia from 1995-1998, was a member of the Georgia Beta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon during his time in Athens.

With a name like “Kirby Smart,” you’ve got a lot to live up to. People are going to automatically assume you’re not dumb, and they’re going to automatically assume you have the lung capacity to suck up surrounding enemies and take on their powers. While the latter assumption appears ill-fated, the former is apparently spot-on.

In an article profiling Smart, CBS Atlanta’s Mark Owens enlightens us with a little thirdhand knowledge he has about Smart, straight from the mouth of a guy who knows the guy who was an SAE with Kirby at Georgia.

From CBS Atlanta:

Dude is smart. He was a 4x member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll, has an Undergraduate Degree in Finance from UGA and Masters from FSU. A “source” told me that he was without question, the smartest guy in his fraternity (ok, that “source” was just a buddy who knows a guy, who was Kirbys frat brother).

There you have it. Kirby Smart was once the smartest member of the entire Georgia SAE chapter. Dude’s clearly qualified to coach the Dawgs, and will surely lead his alma mater to victory. Being the smartest member of your entire fraternity is no easy feat. There are a lot of dorky legacies who don’t drink or smoke cigarettes that you have to beat out even though you drink, smoke cigarettes, and have sex with women. Props, Kirbs.

Sure, it’s possible that Kirby’s fraternity brother would heap the same exact praise toward any brother of his because that’s how networking works (the more people you know, the more people there are to lie about how cool/smart/qualified/professional you are), but I’m going to trust the guy. Smart’s smart.

[via CBS Atlanta]

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