Overcoming adversity by getting head in the same room you got hazed in for months. TFM.

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    Frat Misogynist

    You see, over the weekend we had our dinner of remembrance for my grandpa, and it was my job to prepare to the turkey. Well, I had the turkey in advance so I could beat the rush, so I simply went to the kitchen yesterday morning and put the previously unthawed turkey on to the counter and began to cut the plastic wrapping off of the massive dead bird. I began to tedious task of preparing this beast and then I noticed this thing seemed to have a gaping turkey VAGINA. I laughed to myself and put it in the oven after setting the timer. To pass the time, I figured I would satisfy my hard on with a little bit of ‘me time’ and porno movies I happened to have on my computer. No one was up yet, so I wasn’t disturbed and I came easily. In fact, I had perfect timing. The timer buzzed the second I came. I wanted to sit there and relax, but I knew the damned bird would burn if I did. I dragged myself up and proceeded back into the kitchen. I nearly pissed myself when I walked in on my little brother thrusting his thirteen year old cock into MY turkey. He jerked his head in my direction and the bird hit the ground with a wet flop, his cum dribbling out of its dead hole. I felt sick so I yelled at him to get back to his room. I had worked so damn hard and spent good money on this fucking thing.
    I didn’t even want to pick it up. I sighed and sat on the floor next to it. There was nothing I could do. Well, except have my way with the turkey. They wouldn’t notice, anyway.

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      When he says “fat pussy” he doesn’t literally mean oversized genitals. He is using pussy as a synecdoche to represent the whole woman (in the same way that someone can use the word “the crown” to describe the king). The more you know.

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      Tommy Gufano

      ^ in “Bands Make Her Dance,” Trina says something to the effect of “my pussy fat.” It sounds positive to me, just wondering if a fat pussy is something that white guys also like but call it something different or if it’s a uniquely black thing. Thanks for your help.

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      1. Obtain slam piece with fat ass.
      2. Get her to position herself on hands and knees in panties.
      3. Observe from doggystyle position.
      4. Fat pussies almost look like they have balls between ass, identify.
      5. Conclude whether said pussy is “fat” or not.

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      FAFrican American

      Fat pussy as in fat chicks? No, we don’t do that.
      Fat pussy as in stretched pussy? Think on that.
      Fat pussy or a thick woman? If they thick, they got booty.

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