Infamous Mac And Cheese Obsessed UConn Student Releases YouTube Apology Featuring Quaint Lamp

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Nice Move

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Last week, video footage of a hammered drunk UConn student harassing and assaulting cafeteria workers for refusing to serve him bacon jalapeño mac and cheese went viral online. How exactly is that newsworthy? If you’d seen the original roughly 9-minute video, which has since been removed, you’d understand. This kid is one of the biggest human dildos currently walking the face of the earth. He came off as the most irredeemably self-righteous, entitled ass clown ever.

Yesterday, the aforementioned ass clown released an apology video via YouTube, which has just surfaced. It features a quaint lamp.

My opinion? The kid is a sociopath. I don’t believe a word of his shit. Homeboy is sitting in his mom’s living room with her floral lamp and heinous couch, just saying whatever it takes to keep his ass living the good life on his parents’ dime. I know, because I’ve been there. Classic shitty kid tactic. His spiel almost sounds like it was written by a shitty public relations agent.

Nice try, Luke, but I’m not buying what you’re selling. If there is any justice in this world, you’ll never taste the sweet deliciousness that is bacon jalapeño mac and cheese ever again. Eat shit.

[via Gawker]


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