Injured Beau Hossler Has No Control Over Golf Swing, Throws Club In Pain, Finishes Birdie-Par To Win Match

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Nice Move

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Texas golfer and friend of the program, Beau Hossler, had himself quite the finish yesterday in his match again USC’s Andrew Levitt. After taking a wild swing on the 16th tee, Beau was noticeably in pain — grabbing his left shoulder immediately. Gutting it out, our boy chipped it in for birdie on 16, and had an up and down for par and the 2-1 win on 17 after putting out of the damn sand trap. The whole sequence was an insanely strange roller coaster ride.

Impressive stuff by Beau, but if you’re Andrew Levitt, how do you come back from losing to a dude with the motor skills of a stroke victim? Beau’s flailing around uncontrollably, can’t even grip the club all the way through his follow through, and is still kicking your ass tee to green. Might be time to hang it up, Drew.

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