Internet Trolls Give Vineyard Vines Founder Shit For Always Wearing Crocs

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Nice Move

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Vineyard Vines has been a preppy mainstay for years now. That little pink whale is scattered across every college campus in America. It’s for normal Greek folk and try-hards alike. VV button-downs and polos are usually paired with Sperrys or some other type of boat shoe. You won’t typically see them on an hombre wearing Crocs, though.

The co-founder of Vineyard Vines, Shep Murray — he loves him some Crocs. Loves them so much that he has an astounding 30 pairs of them. And just about every time he posts a picture on Vineyard Vines’ Instagram account, you’ll find Shep rocking some Crocs only to subsequently get shit on for his choice of shoes. Business Insider put together a little video of Shep reading some of the mean comments.

“Oh God. Vineyard Vines with Crocs. That guy needs to be fired.” That might be the best comment yet. Just some troll on Instagram trying to shame Shep, not knowing he just said the owner should be fired. When you’re a millionaire, you can wear whatever you damn well please.

[via Business Insider, video produced by Graham Flanagan]


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