Introduction To Weed Courses Are Popping Up At Law Schools Across The Nation

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Weed 101 Courses Are Popping Up At Law Schools Across The Nation

The legalization of marijuana has pot smokers rejoicing and heading to Colorado and other states with pot shops. I’m not really a marijuana guy; there are other drugs out there I’d prefer “if” I were to “do” them.

With the growing popularity of legalizing marijuana, there have been courses popping up across the nation’s law schools that cover marijuana law.

From CBS:

Across the country, college students from Colorado to Ohio are clamoring to sign up for law school classes focusing on marijuana.

At the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, Friday afternoon classes aren’t very popular. Unless it’s Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform.

Apparently, the new laws on legalizing marijuana are so confusing that we now need a full-blown course on it. These courses aren’t easy, either (not that any law courses are easy).

“It’s not an easy class. I don’t do easy classes,” said one student.

Professors and students both believe that the marijuana industry is growing into a very lucrative one indeed, and they want to be ahead of the curve. But if I’m in law school, I’m not wasting a three-hour elective on some novelty course. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, potheads.

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