Investigation Of Ohio State Marching Band Reveals Blatant Hazing And Hilarious Nicknames

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Nice Move

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School bands have always been known as the most secretly mischievous group on campus. Whether it was high school or college, “this one time, at band camp…” always held true.

Ohio State canned its band director today after an investigation revealed that the band members had a major hazing boner and took it out on their younger members. Older members reportedly gave the younger guys and girls nicknames which usually corresponded with a “trick” the young member was required to perform. It’s essentially as stereotypical as hazing gets.

From Deadspin:

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While the nicknames may not win any awards for being politically correct or appropriate for public use, they’re fucking hilarious.

I can only imagine what “Twinkle Dick” was required to do to earn his nickname.

[via Deadspin]

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