Is Canada Beating America In Hazing Policy?

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Nice Move

American college administrators handle blatant displays of public hazing worse than those in a “country” that uses Monopoly money as currency? Some pledge is going to pay for this.

An apparent hazing ritual at Ryerson University will go unpunished despite sharp condemnation from school officials, students and even the province’s top politician.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke out Monday following the incident at the school’s downtown campus involving a group of engineering students trying to become orientation leaders during next year’s frosh activities.

YouTube footage shows the aspiring student leaders in their underwear crawling through ice and slush on an outdoor university skating rink while organizers in blue coveralls shout at them from the sidelines. Some of the hecklers threw snowballs at the participants, and at one point a male bystander appears to spank a female student as she crawls by.

Check out the dude at 0:42 dishing out good job, good efforts. That’s assault, brotha.


[via National Post]



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