ISIS Headcam Footage Shows How Hilariously Bad They Are At War

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ISIS Headcam Footage Shows How Hilariously Bad They Are At War

What separates the U.S. military from the rest of the world is not necessarily our size, amount of ammo, fighter jets, tanks, rockets, etc. No, what makes the United States the best goddamn force in the world is our preparation and training. Our forces are trained killers who strike with a precision known to no other country. That’s what makes us so powerful.

ISIS? Not so much. They aren’t trained to fight like us. Therefore, they don’t win like us. Vice News got their hands on some headcam footage of an ISIS foot soldier going to battle against Kurdish peshmerga troops in northern Iraq. The results are comedic.

And they wonder why we laugh at them. Here they are heading into battle, not like they were surprised attacked or anything, totally unprepared. The battle gets off to a hot start by one of the men reminding the other two not to shoot at their own men. Seems like a reminder that should be unnecessary, but this is ISIS we are talking about.

Secondly, the vehicle they are traveling in is a goddamn mess, making it difficult to find anything in there. Abu Abdullah is totally lost out in the middle of the battle scene. Doesn’t know which rocket is for which target like a goddamn idiot. No wonder he was shot and killed.

P.S. the rolling on the ground to retreat made me laugh.

[via Vice News]


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