J. J. Watt Rocks “Back To Back World War Champs” T-Shirt On Private Jet To CMT Awards

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Nice Move

J. J. Watt always steals the show. Whether he’s lined up on the defensive side of the ball, tucked in the slot at tight end, or grinding up old ladies courtside at a Rockets game, all eyes are always on J. J. He can’t afford to look anything other than his best.

Luckily for The Milk Man, he’s got a phenomenal sense of style. En route to the Country Music Television Awards, he posed for a photo in front of a private jet.

JJ 1


Ah, the classic Rowdy Gentleman “Back To Back World War Champs” tee. Toppin’ it off with a Stetson? Nice touch. In your face. Patriotic. Yet comfortable as fuck for what I’m sure was a cramped and unaccommodating private flight.

J. J., feel free to throw on a tux when you present tonight, just make sure you rep RG at the after party.

Be like J.J. and buy the t-shirt HERE.

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