Jadeveon Clowney Has Completely Stopped Giving Any F**ks

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Nice Move

Speed limits? For pussies. Police? Let non-future first round draft pick peasants fear them. School? Well, he was probably neglecting that from the get go. Jadeveon Clowney is a soon to be rich man, but he will forever be poor in fucks, because he has none to give and never will.

South Carolina’s superstar defensive end was recently pulled over for speeding, again, this time doing 100 in a 70 84 in a 55. So did he politely apologize to the ticketing officer and try to get out of the ticket? Nah. He just laughed off the fine. Then to make fun of his speeding habits, or perhaps show how little of a fuck he gives, he took a pic with some traffic cops and tweeted it. Pretty sure if I tried that the officer would tell me to go fuck myself, take off his badge and punch me in the jaw, “off duty”, for having such a smart mouth. It’s happened before.

[via For The Win]



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