Jadeveon Clowney Instagrammed Evidence Of An NCAA Rule Violation

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Nice Move

Jadeveon Clowney, college football’s baddest man, tweeted a link to this Instagram post:


Clowney shared a link to a story about himself being pursued by, and in discussions with, Roc Nation Sports, Jay Z’s newly formed sports agency. His caption: “You kno we about to turn up. Dream coming true.” I’m told this means something along the lines of, “I believe I will reach my dream of one day playing in the NFL and being represented by an esteemed sports agency.”

Amateur college football players are prohibited by the NCAA to talk with sports agents, a violation that is typically dealt with rather harshly if the accused is proven guilty. While Clowney doesn’t come right out and say that he and Roc Nation Sports are in discussions, one could surmise that he’s confirming the report with this post. Technically speaking, the NCAA shouldn’t have much to go on here.

Keep your head on straight, Clowney. You’ve got a bright future, my man. Just keep a solid core group around you to keep you grounded, you know, someone like yungjheffna. “Take this down b.” Wise words.

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