James Franco Paints Disgustingly Hilarious Nude Photos Of Seth Rogen

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Nice Move

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James Franco is back in the news thanks to his admiration of the human body. Three weeks ago, we reported on his infamous attempts to hook up with an underage Scottish bombshell. He then went on SNL and joked about the incident. This week, he was kind enough to present the world with his artistic representation of a nude Seth Rogen. If there is ever a day to appreciate the sailboats, today is that day.

On his Instagram are two paintings of a completely naked, mostly hairless, sprawled out Seth Rogen. The captions are “Big Bear” and “Seth At Play.” With a clear shot of Rogen’s junk painted into both pictures, Franco leaves little to the imagination.


While the paintings are disgustingly hilarious, I can only hope this does not become a regular trend from him. He should use his love of human anatomy for the betterment of the world and paint some female friends instead.

[via Instagram]


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